Lanceana.com is a minority owned business located in Raleigh NC.

Lanceana.com is a freelance Website where a project owner and programmers interact together and benefit from the features and the convenience of this Website.

There are several categories to choose from so that project owners can post their projects.

Take advantage of this brand new service so both programmers and developers can post their profiles for free and show case their talents.

This Website uses Stripe Escrow. Therefore, if you are a programmer and you have been chosen by project owner to get their programming needs completed for them, you can be assured that you will get paid for your efforts.

More details will be posted on the help or FAQ pages of this Website very soon.

Lanceana.com is currently in test mode but will be open shortly for general production operation. Meantime, developers and programmers from the USA and across the world are encourage to post their profiles as project owners are coming very soon.